The Surrey Biofuel Facility is like a science laboratory in your own backyard!
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Learn more about how you and your community benefit from the closed loop.
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We’re all a part of making our community clean and efficient. See how your business can help and benefit.

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You’re a Super Looper

Ever wonder what impact you’re making when you separate organic materials from your garbage and put them in your organics cart? The City of Surrey has rethought waste by diverting 70% of garbage! This commitment to green waste initiatives creates biogas that refuels waste collection vehicles and compost that refeeds businesses.

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Our Facility

This is Where We Rethink Waste.

Come visit North America’s first closed loop system to learn how we are converting organic waste into renewable natural gas and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Colour Our Community

Have some fun with the characters who bring the loop to life!

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Waste Collection Fleet

As the first municipality in Canada to require waste collection trucks to use RNG, the Surrey Biofuel Facility is serving as an innovative model for organic waste management.
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Greenlane Water Scrubber

The Surrey Biofuel Facility is one of a kind in the growing industry of renewable energy. One of the critical components is the Water Scrubber - the key to greener fuel efficiency.
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Have You Seen the Stack?

Construction of the Surrey Biofuel Facility, located in the Port Kells Industrial Park, is progressing on-schedule and in January 2016, the 70-metre vapor stack was raised.
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