While the Surrey Biofuel Facility is close to a Zero Waste Solution, we want to go further.

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Orgaworld Canada and the City of Surrey are interested in exploring more opportunities for the use of outputs from organics processing. These could include the development of special purpose compost with additional benefits for local crops, uses for ammonium sulphate, solid recovered fuel, metals, other by-products of the process, and other great ideas we haven’t thought of yet!

A second area of interest is feedstock. The Surrey Biofuel Facility integrates anaerobic digestion (AD) and composting. The volume and makeup of different feedstocks e.g. leaves and yard trimmings vs. food wastes, fats, oils and grease play a significant role in organics management using these two processes. Do you have an innovative suggestion to optimize the feedstock mix throughout the year at the Surrey Biofuel Facility?



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