The ‘Closed Loop’ diverts 115,000 MT/y of organic waste from landfill and reduces C02 emissions by 40,000 MT/y. Renewable Natural Gas generated by the facility powers our waste collection trucks, city fleet vehicles, and the District Energy System and significantly reduces our carbon footprint. High quality compost produced at the facility will help local growers produce healthier crops and capture and hold excess carbon dioxide in the ground.

The Facility incorporates world-class technology and is the largest of its kind in North America. All this has been achieved with no increase to Surrey’s residential Solid Waste Levy or from borrowing for capital and delivers $3 million annual savings in waste collection. We have secured long-term fixed price certainty on our organic disposal rate and a guaranteed source of Renewable Natural Gas.

Two partners helped make this project possible: the Federal Government through the P3 Canada Fund and Orgaworld Canada. PPP Canada provided significant funding and a robust process that connected us to our private sector partner. Orgaworld Canada used their expertise, innovation and private equity to design and build this state-of-the-art facility that corresponds so effectively to our needs. They will continue to deploy that expertise to operate and maintain the facility for the next 25 years. I have no doubt there are further innovations to come as we explore the research and development opportunities associated with the new technologies and processes in use at the facility.

On behalf of City Council, I invite other municipalities to tour our facility, review our business model, benefit from our lessons learned, and to in turn make their contribution to sustainable change and the well-being of all our communities.

- Mayor Linda Hepner



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