Greenlane Water Scrubber

November 14, 2016

There’s a lot of technology that makes the Surrey Biofuel Facility one of a kind in the growing industry of renewable energy. One of the critical components of the facility is the Water Scrubber. The Water Scrubber is the key to greener energy efficiency.

The feedstock transported to the facility is made up of organic material like kitchen scraps and lawn clippings. When it starts to decompose in an oxygen free environment, a mixture of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and trace amounts of other gases is released. This is called biogas and it has a similar composition to natural gas.

Biogas in its raw state isn’t very efficient and has limited use. In order to increase the energy conversion rate from biogas, it must be upgraded. Raw biogas is purified using a Water Scrubber. The Water Scrubber traps the CO2 and trace gases to produce biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG) that is indistinguishable from conventional natural gas.

Whereas biogas typically contains approximately 60% methane, biomethane will contain up to 98 percent methane, making RNG more efficient and as a carbon-neutral source of energy, will help decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The water scrubbing requires no chemicals or heat to complete the cleaning process. Methane not captured in the Scrubber is flashed off in the Flash Tank and recovered.

The Water Scrubber at the Surrey Biofuel facility was supplied by Greenlane Biogas, with offices in Burnaby, BC. Greenlane is world-renown for developing innovative, fully integrated solutions for biofuel RNG production. The water scrubbing upgrades raw biogas to RNG, which is then directed into the district energy grid and can be used for heating, electricity or converted to fuel to power natural gas vehicles.

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