One of the most valuable products created at the Surrey Biofuel Facility is Renewable Natural Gas [RNG].

What is RNG and how does it feed into the closed loop system?


Biogas, a mixture made of methane, carbon dioxide and small traces of various other gases, is often referred to as ‘deep green energy’ because it is not only renewable, but is derived through non-harmful means to the environment. Biogas is upgraded to RNG by removing carbon dioxide and other contaminated gases. RNG is biomethane, which is chemically very similar to natural gas, as it contains over 96% methane.

City of Surrey and FortisBC Partnership – To distribute the renewable natural gas (RNG) produced by the facility, the City of Surrey has partnered with FortisBC. The upgraded biogas is pumped into the Fortis natural gas energy grid. The City makes use of the equivalent of 100% of the RNG generated at the facility.

  • Biomethane is two times more energy efficient at generating electricity than regular biogas
  • Upgraded biomethane is compliant with FortisBC’s recommended methane quality of up to 96%

FortisBC RNG Program - As an energy leader, FortisBC is the first North American utility to offer a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Program to its customers. The utility continues to invest in new infrastructure and works closely with municipalities, food processors and their energy and waste partners to close the loop on organic materials by diverting these materials from landfill, and using them to generate RNG.

RNG is a locally produced, carbon neutral energy source available for use in BC homes and businesses. FortisBC uses proven biogas purification equipment to ensure the biomethane meets the same quality standards FortisBC customers have come to rely upon for conventional natural gas. Currently with its five suppliers, including the Surrey Biofuel Facility when it is fully operational, the estimated annual RNG production will be 320,000 GJ, which is enough to heat about 3,500 homes for a year. These projects help reduce BC’s carbon footprint since the methane captured would otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

FortisBC is committed to working with suppliers to provide British Columbians with a safe, affordable and reliable energy supply. If you’re interested in learning more about the RNG program or becoming a supplier, visit